Cornelia Webb

Folded Cuff S

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Cuff bracelet of folded metal, in a shrunken version from our original Folded Cuff. Easy to wear, still a gorgeous statement bracelet.

With this collection, we celebrate an iconic Cornelia Webb style that was launched 10 years ago and still is one of our very best sellers - Folded Cuff.
Paying homage to lasting style, we developed an entire collection based on it. The collection has been crafted mainly in Italy, but also in Bali, Indonesia. All forms have been sculpted by hand to create the original samples, as organic jewellery has always been the signature of Cornelia Webb.
  • Silver-plated Brass
  • One size. The cuff is open and you can gently adjust it once for a perfect, personalised fit. 
  • Width of cuff: 20 mm at widest part
  • Made in Bali, Indonesia