Sophie by Sophie

Mini Star Halsband

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Colour / Material: Gold plated silver

Length 37 cm Adjustable: 5.5 cm
Symbol size: 1 cm

The mini star necklace is a simple, classic, and lightly worn jewelry that fits perfectly with all the adventures of life. The shape of the star is small, which together with the thin chain gives the jewelry a form of natural elegance with a modern twist. We usually label our mini jewellery as modern simplicity because we see them as our everyday weapon-bearers who always have to keep up.

The necklace with a star is also a perfect gift for a good friend or as a farewell gift to a colleague. The star necklace also has several star buddies in the form of a star bracelet, star bounce, and star hoops. Match with the same symbol or mix with one of our other classic symbol jewelry like a heart bracelet or a necklace with circles.

All of our mini jewelry is made of rhodium-plated or gold plated silver. The star is 1 cm wide and can be adjusted in three levels. Perfect for mixing with other necklaces of different lengths and finding your unique twist.

"Find your favorite jewellery and especially have fun with your jewellery style!" / Sophie